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Hi! My name's Katrina and I began working in the skincare industry 16 years ago. I so enjoy instructing people on how to properly care for their skin to keep it healthy and young-looking.

Good skincare habits (as well as good health habits) will help protect your skin from skin cancers, premature aging and other ailments. Skincare doesn't have to be a chore, it can fit very easily into your daily routine. Skin is the body's largest organ, after all. So take good care of it, and it will take good care of you.

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More is being added all the time so that this will always be your most comprehensive anti-aging skin care resource...simply put... just Skincare Answers.

Check here for all the latest on all facets of skincare - skin disorders/conditions/problems, different skin types, as well as skincare tips, tricks and treatments.
Skincare Forum
The Skincare Forum on is THE place to discuss, read about, and share tips on all things related to skincare.
Skincare In The News
Check here for news from the world of skincare, and share your thoughts
Skincare Reviews
Get help wading through the sea of products with these helpful skincare reviews. Read posts and share your opinions here!
Skin Disorders
Skincare for Skin Disorders - Problems and Conditions like bruises, sunburns, calluses, hangnail, rosacea, psoriasis and more.
Skincare information for the condition Dyshidrosis - fluid filled blisters that itch!
Cellulite Treatments
With age, the connective tissue in the superficial fat layer and the dermis becomes thinner and loses its tone. Unfortunately, cellulite is the result. Here’s information on cellulite treatments.
Urticaria Information on
Urticaria, also known as nettle-rash, wheals or hives simply means itching with rash on the skin.
Skin Rash Information
Bothered by a skin rash? Check this page for helpful info. Causes, solutions, remedies and skincare tips.
Avobenzone information and side effects. Commonly used in sunscreens.
Skin Cancer Information
One in 55 people will be diagnosed with the skin cancer melanoma during their lifetime. Don't let it be you.
Skincare habits that can help prevent the skin cancer known as Melanoma
Telangiectasia is the name for red marks on the skin caused by small blood vessels becoming dilated. Contributing factors include
Scabies |
Information on and relief for Scabies (sarcoptes scabiei)
Mole Removal Skincare Treatment
Mole Removal procedure options and skincare tips.
Obagi Nu Derm Information and Reviews
The skincare program known as Obagi Nu Derm. Notes, news and reviews of this highly-acclaimed product.
Organic Body Products | Organic Skincare Products
Why choose organic body products? Whatever you put on gets absorbed into your system, so use organic face cream and other organic beauty products.
Adult Acne - Won't They Ever Go Away?
Causes, prevention tips and treatment options for those with adult acne.
Acne Scar Treatment
Notes on the causes of acne scarring as well as information on each available acne scar treatment
Acne Tips
Look to Skincare-Answers for details on this condition and helpful acne tips for how to solve it.
Skincare for Acne
Skincare Tips for Acne Sufferers. There's hope! Here's some help.
Psoriasis Treatment
Find the best Psoriasis Treatment and stop Psuffering today.
Best Skin Care Treatment
Debate about the best skin care treatment and find Information on the different types available.
Breast Lift
Think you can't afford to fix drooping breasts? Think again! Check out this breast lift information.
Facial Skin Care Treatment
What all is involved in a facial skin care treatment? There are quite a few variables.
Skincare Treatments: Cellulite, Microdermabrasion, Waxing and more!
Notes on various skincare treatments for things like acne scars, mole removal and spray tans.
Skin Cancer Treatments
Detailed information about various skin cancer treatments, conventional and natural.
Top Wrinkle Treatments
Wrinkle Treatments come in many different forms, from invasive to superficial. Say bye-bye to those facial lines!
Ways to Reduce Cellulite from
Need to reduce cellulite? Here are some ways you can go about doing this.
Natural Skin Care Recipes
Read and share your favorite natural skin care recipes here. You can make your own anti-aging skin care treatments!
Anti Aging Skincare Tips
Tried and True Anti Aging Skincare Tips to help you stay young-looking.
Skincare Tips for Oily Skin
Skincare for Oily Skin Type
Sensitive Skincare
Try these helpful tips for sensitive skincare and learn more about what causes or triggers it.
Skincare for Normal Skin
Skincare Information for the Normal Skin Type
Skincare for Hands
Skincare advice for slowing the visible signs of aging on your hands - which tend to age faster than any other body part.
Skincare Treatment: Massage
Try a relaxing skincare treatment: massage, it's not just for stress relief!
Spray Tan Skincare Treatment:
Avoid the sun's dangerous rays, try a spray tan
Perfume Samples
Try-before-you-buy with perfume samples to see which suits you and shop for discount perfume.
Sleep for Good Skincare
A good night's sleep is key to good skincare. Are you getting your 8 hours in?
Skincare for Neck and Décolleté
Learn about skincare for neck and décolleté (upper chest area) to keep them looking young and supple.
Skincare for Knees and Elbows
Have dry, discolored skin on your knees and elbows? Try these skincare tips!
Skincare Schools Directory
With this fast-growing career field, estheticians, facialists, etc are in high demand! Here's a list of skincare schools.
Skincare Schools | USA
A comprehensive skincare schools listing for aspiring aestheticians in the USA.
Add a Colon Cleanse to your Skincare Routine
A Colon Cleanse is useful as part of a good skincare routine. It can improve your skin and overall health.
Skincare and Shower Filters
Just what's lurking in those pipes? Check here to read how shower filters benefit skincare.
Skincare | Facial
Skincare: Facial to soothe and relax. Deep cleanses and unblocks pores, too.
Skin Waxing Treatments and Skincare
Information on Hair Removal via Waxing. It not only removes hair, it's an exfoliator too!
Skincare for a Sunburn
Here are some sunburn skincare tips as well as how to prevent them from happening in the future. Don't get burned!
Sunless Tan Lotion Tips
Try sunless tan lotion for a safe, good-looking healthy tan without the sun or tanning beds.
Sun Safety Seminar
How Sun Safe are you? The Sun Safety Seminar will help you understand the dangers of harmful rays and teach you how to protect yourself and your family.
Chest Wrinkles
Chest wrinkles are brought on by age and other factors, such as
Skincare Routine
Your skincare routine or regimen should consist of a few basic steps and it's best to stick to it for optimal skin appearance.
Skincare Glossary | Skincare from A to Z
Here's a pretty comprehensive skincare glossary with all the terms and their definitions, plus links to additional helpful information.
Age Spots | Causes, Treatment and Prevention on
Ever wondered about age spots and how to get rid of them, or prevent them from showing up? Can you tell if that spot is melanoma or not?
Spa Skin Care Treatment
Information about a spa skin care treatment as well as the different types available. Massages, facials and more.
Skin Care Benefits
Skin care benefits! Read about all of the reasons you should take good care of your skin, and why - and more importantly, how.
Free Skin Care Beauty Tips
Check out this page for super free skin care beauty tips! Here are some helpful handy hints to streamline your skin care and beauty routine.
Skincare Tips
Looking for handy, helpful skincare tips? Here they are, in alphabetical order! Post and share your favorites here as well.
Razor Bumps
Razor bumps are an annoyance, but you can easily avoid them by following these tips.

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