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    Born in Germany to German parents - no, I wasn't a military brat - but it sure felt like it with all the moving around we did! From Germany to California then back to Germany, then back to California, then across the I-15 freeway to an awesome suburb in North County. I so enjoyed growing up there and I'll always refer to it as my hometown. We later packed up and did a little "reverse pioneering" to Virginia. It was there that I met my future husband (at a chili cook-off!) and shortly thereafter, began working in the skincare industry.

    It started with an invitation to a skincare session by a co-worker. I already knew a lot of what was being taught, so after giving it some thought, I decided to pursue a position in the field of skincare.

    One thing I really love about what I do is helping women achieve total beauty and help build their self-esteem. Looking good leads to feeling good, after all, and I love the feel-good feeling that I get when I'm able to help someone look their best. I get such a kick out of the "before" and "after" - it's very fulfilling. True beauty comes from within, of course, and it's enhanced by beautiful skin!

    When I'm not working my skincare biz, you'll find me spending time with my husband and our two dogs and cats, or going camping - I love to travel! The hubby competes as a professional all-terrain vehicle rider so I go to as many races with him as I am able to. I also enjoy photography, home remodeling projects, watching football and scrapbooking.

    When I'm not traveling, I'm at my house in Virginia along the banks of the mighty Potomac River.

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