Annoying and very itchy am worried

I have been itching like mad for 2 to 3 months now and it all started I think after being back from hospital after having a breast biopsy for the first 2 to 3 weeks I hadn't been sleeping because of the itching mostly on legs at first I though it was razor rash but had started getting what looked like watery puss bubbled mostly on the inner side of my feet mostly 2 at a time at the most. I had recently noticed little ones on my hand but no more then 2 roughly. I have also noticed what I think maybe burrows on my feet and hands and back of my ankle feet which I think turned into a clear puss bubble in the end? But that got me thinking maybe scabies but I though maybe fleas as I had what looked like flea bites around the places fleas would attack have tried Googling what may be going on but only worry my self and can't pinpoint what it may be. I have also been bitten on bum just talking about or thinking about it makes me itch! I will be booking doctors appointment tomorrow but and worried this won't get sorted as the doctors I go to are going downhill lately and don't seem to be on the ball. Any ideas what this could be? I seem to get like goose bum skin when I itch like mad on legs but goes after a while, also the puss bubbles seem to pop easily too. Also got few bites on belly area.

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