Anti-Aging Info for Face Shapes

Your face shape will determine the shape your face is in as time goes on. Here are anti-aging tips to combat the areas of your face which will show early signs of aging, depending on which face shape you have. Keep in mind, no matter what shape it is, if you have oily skin it will tend to stay looking younger longer than if you have the normal, dry or combination skin type.

  • Face Shape: Heart
    A small jawline graduates to a wider cheekbone and forehead area
    Where They Age:
    Forehead and temples droop
    Eyelids become hooded
    Skincare tips:
    Eye gels to keep eyelids from drooping
    Face creams made especially for fighting fine lines on the forehead
  • Face Shape: Oval
    Forehead and jaw area are almost the same width, and length is almost twice the width
    Where They Age:
    Temples and cheek areas tend to become hollow, cheekbones might lose their definition
    Early onset of crow's feet in the eye area
    Hooded eyelids and flattened eyebrows
    Skincare tips:
    Invest in really good skincare products specially formulated for the eye area to keep the tiny lines to a minimum and to conceal any dark under-eye circles.
  • Face Shape: Round
    Your face measures about the same in width and length
    Where They Age:
    Cheeks lose their plumpness
    Lower face and jaw area becomes gaunt
    Skincare tips:
    Facial massage
    Face creams with hyaluronic acid can keep the skin plump
  • Face Shape: Square
    Face is longer than it is wide
    Where They Age:
    Pronounced jowls
    Early onset of "turkey gobble" loose skin on the neck
    Skincare tips:
    Apply moisturizer on the neck too, not just the face
    Facial exercises to keep the jaw area toned

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