Blisters are Back

by Katrina

Dyshidrosis Blisters

Dyshidrosis Blisters

Here we go again with the itching and oozing. These dyshidrosis blisters appeared yesterday with what I initially thought was a spider bite because there was one bump and the skin was slightly red on the pinky finger of my right hand. Today there are multiple small blisters and the redness remains.

Not sure what brought them on this time around, but I have been hand-washing a lot of dishes lately. I should have been wearing gloves.
I also helped to apply metal polish and sealant to the rims of a truck to shine them up. I was wearing gloves for that task, though.

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Mar 18, 2015
Get Tested
by: Kelly G

Hello. A few years back I was suffering from this same thing. The only difference is that it was so bad that the entire palm of my hands including fingers and in between all fingers was either covered in blisters or raw painful fresh skin where the blisters had peeled away. At the time my doctor got in touch with a doctor at the Mayo clinic who told him to have me switch to a low nickel diet and to try to cut down on cobalt (vitamin b12) as well. I did that and the blisters got a lot better. I still had them but they were now in just quarter sized clusters. I went a couple of years like that then I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Within days of going gluten free my hands had completely cleared up and I have not had another outbreak except for a couple of times where I accidentally got gluten cross contamination.

I later found out that almost everyone who has dishydrotic hand dermatitis has tested positive for celiac disease. So I would tell you to call your doctor and ask them to be tested for celiac disease. There are a few different types of tests they can use ranging from bloodwork to biopsy but it will be worth it.

Good luck!

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