blisters every where

I first developed this at age 16 while visiting California. It was so bad and it really was painful. only on one foot thought, my right. I came back home to Colorado, and I fill a foot tub up with just white vinegar, and bam! it took them all away the next day. my sores were open and I dropped to my knees from how painful it was, but hey, it worked. a couple years later, still having the condition on my one foot, I developed the same on my hands. I was working a job that required me to were gloves all day, and I believe it can because I was sweating in the plastic gloves. now here I am 21 Hispanic female..with it still on my hands, and on my one right foot. it worsens in the summer. but I have never had a flare up as bad as it was the first time around

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