Skincare for Bruises


This is a picture of one of the bruises that showed up on my leg after we went camping and I had bumped my thigh on the trailer.

These types of contusions show up when the small blood vessels under the skin tear or rupture, usually after a bump, cut, scrape or fall. Blood leaks into the tissues under the skin and causes the area to become all different shades of red, blue and purple as the tissue begins to repair itself. One of these on a leg (like mine) usually will take longer to heal than one on the face or arms.

They affect everyone, there's just no getting around them. With proper skincare, these unsightly blemishes can be soothed and minimized.

Treating Bruises

Most of them are not a cause for worry and will go away on their own. In some cases, though, severe swelling and pain that starts within half an hour of an injury might indicate a severe sprain or fracture. Also, certain medications and even some diseases can cause them. Before any attempt to treat one, make sure you check with a doctor or a dermatologist in case it's a medical condition.

A good way to help speed healing is to apply an ice pack every few hours for the first day after the injury occurs. The ice helps constrict the blood vessels and reduces its overall size.

Other skincare treatment options include applying witch hazel or an ointment containing the herb Arnica, which helps to increase circulation, heal tissues and reduce pain.

If you experience one on your face, you can always cover it up with concealer, foundation and powder.

A tendency to bruise easily sometimes runs in families. It doesn't mean you have a serious health problem, especially if it is slight or only shows up now and then. People with this tendency may not even remember what caused it.

Older people will tend to be more susceptible to this ailment, because as a person ages, the skin becomes less flexible and thinner due to the loss of blood vessel-cushioning fat under the skin. That factor, coupled with damaged skin cells from years of sun exposure is why this condition occurs in the elderly more easily.

Women bruise more easily than men. Fair-skinned people are more likely to see it happen because of the fact that their blood vessels are more visible through their paler skin. It's great to know that the body is able to heal itself after one of these injuries. The body eventually re-absorbs the blood, and it will fade and go away on its own.

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