Skincare for Bug Bites

Bug bites from mosquitoes and the Zika virus have been of great concern lately. Mosquito repellent should be applied to skin and used as directed. Cover up as much as possible when outside, wearing long, loose, and light-colored clothing as well as shoes and socks.

Some ways you can prevent the spread of the Zika virus are to get rid of any standing water around your home. Another good measure is a bug zapper. This is the one I personally use. I have owned it for three years now and it does a great job of keeping the area mosquito population down.

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I got a lot of bug bites one summer when I was doing some work in the woods. I remember at one point sitting down on the ground next to my dogs to take a break. That must have been when they got me. Back at the car, I got a sense of the creepy-crawlies and when I looked at my socks, they were covered in tons of tiny dark dots. Seed ticks!

A late summer/early fall problem, they are the larval form of the blood-sucking and disease transmitting creatures, and they were all over my feet and legs. I painstakingly picked them off my skin and socks, when what I should have done was to remove them with masking tape. (Place the adhesive side over the tick and slowly peel off. This will frequently remove the tick.)

I also should have eaten some garlic before I went into the woods. Besides being my favorite cure-all, garlic really helps keep the bugs away from me.

Seed ticks may leave an irritation on the skin which shows up as red itchy bumps. Resist the urge to scratch your skin, as this will just make it worse and could lead to scarring or infection. As with most bug bites, anti-itch skincare creams can be applied to help relieve the symptoms. From there you just have to wait it out. I ended up applying calamine lotion on my seed tick bites and for awhile my nickname was "The Calamine Queen" because I was covered in it!

Infected Bug Bites

Be careful that you do not itch your bug bites too much, or something like this could happen! The wound oozed pus, became a dark red spot and lasted for a good couple of weeks. It was quite frightening but thankfully after treatments with coconut oil and tea tree oil it finally healed and there is no trace of it today.

Bug Bite on leg

Bed Bugs

have been making a comeback after recent news reports of major infestations. These critters will tend to only affect areas that are exposed while you are sleeping, such as upper arms, shoulders, face, hands and neck. Once again, don't scratch these affected areas. They can be soothed with antihistamines and over-the-counter anti-itch creams.

Important note: If you notice any symptoms such as fever, muscle pain, chills, swollen glands and there's a rash near the area of a tick bite, seek medical attention at once. You might have a tick-borne illness such as Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

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