Bumpy Years

by Tamara
(Ontario, Canada)

This skin affliction started when I was a teenager and with the first breakout I was told is was poison oak. Which at the time made sense but then starting reoccurring every year, late spring to summer. Now 30 years later it is worse to the point my feet crack and it hurts to walk. I have found that nothing really works. Some creams work for awhile but the bumps and blisters still reappear and now my doctors are telling me it is more stress and environmentally related and it will never go away. Not sure about anyone else but have you ever tried to live stress free, yeah it doesn't work. Some relief would be great, any ideas?

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Jul 26, 2015
Hope this helps.
by: nerklsob


also check into getting checked for celiac disease this affliction is very common with people who can not eat gluten.

Good luck!

I've been low nickel and gluten free now for a few years and have only had a flare up when I accidentally get cross contaminated.

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