diagnosis or no diagnosis

(Sheridan Wyoming)

I first noticed about 3 years ago these small blisters forming in between my toes and on the bottom side of my of my left foot only. I first thought it was just something that would go away in a few days. After 2 months of this going on I finally went to see my Dr. He said it was just a bacterial infection and could have been picked up anywhere. He prescribed me a cream to help.

A few weeks later the blisters re-appeared and I thought it maybe I hadn't cleaned my tub properly or maybe my bathroom floor. I spent days cleaning them, called my Dr. again and got more cream for it. I thought I was finally clear of this problem as 3 weeks had passed and not one blister appeared. Once again they appeared and I was starting to get frustrated. I finally went to a skin specialist who told me I had Dyshidrosis and that there is really no treatment for it! He said it can be caused by many things. Stress, smoking, and is most common in people who have an allergic reaction to nickle and other metals.
By all means I am not short on stress, I am a smoker, and I am allergic to every metal in the book not including titanium. I feel like I am a poster child for this skin problem!

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May 23, 2009
Don't stress
by: Katrina

Thanks for sharing your experience with this condition. Bummer about the metal allergies. I hope you'll be able to manage stress, and maybe that will help the situation.

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