Dog Bathing

by Annie
(Seattle, WA)

I only recently noticed the bumps on my hands. They're in between my fingers and, while very itchy, aren't painful. I went to my dermatologist and he said he had absolutely no idea what they were. I was recently diagnosed (I suppose you could call it) with erythema ab igne, a weird condition I got after playing with my laptop too long on my lap.

I work at a pet store as a dog bather and so I'm regularly subjected to water. In fact, my hands are wet ALL day long. I've only been at the store for a year and noticed the bumps a few months afterwards.

Because of this site, I finally figured out what the hell they were! Thank you!

Katrina's Reply: Thanks for sharing your story here, Annie. I'm glad the site was of some benefit to you. Sounds like I need to write a page on erythema ab igne next!

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