Dry Skin Care

Dry skin care (scaly or flaking) tends to be sensitive skin, especially during the harsh conditions in the wintertime months. It may or may not be itchy. See the Dry Winter Skin page for skincare tips in winter. The elderly will most likely have drier skin, as it loses its ability to hold moisture in the golden years. If any redness is present, you may be experiencing a form of dermatitis (inflammation).

REALLY dry skin!

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As far as bathing, dry skin care involves taking very short, warm showers. Yes, I said warm, not hot! Replace your existing shower head with a shower filter to get rid of skin-drying chemicals found in water and pipes. Use very mild soap, try for one with a moisturizer built in and no scrubbing allowed! When you get out of the shower, gently pat dry - no rubbing. Immediately apply a moisturizer so you're better able to retain the moisture. Concentrate on the shins and lower legs as these areas tend to be the driest. My shins tend to get very dry, scaly and flaky, as does my upper back.

Run a humidifer as part of your dry skincare regimen. In winter, this can also help keep your heating bills low. If you travel by plane, be advised that air in the cabin of an airplane is usually very dry, so prepare accordingly.

Do what you can to prevent this condition from becoming a problem, because it can lead to inflammation and possibly even infection. Be sure that you are drinking enough plain water each day. Don't lick chapped lips because that will only make the problem worse. Ease up on the alcohol and caffeine as those items can really dehydrate you. Finally, don't spend too much time in the sun as that can lead to sunburn and/or skin cancers.

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