Dyshidrosis - will it ever cease??

It's now going on 11 years that I've had this condition. It started when I was 18. At the time it wasn't so bad, but as the years went on, it worsened. Like most cases I've had the vesicles, the drive-you-insane itch, the cracking, drying, and the pain. I also get stiffness and inflammation. Doctor after doctor, I've followed diets , taken lots of medications and avoided a lot of things that 'trigger' the condition. Over these years I've learnt that its not simply a few , but a multitude of things that can trigger it. In my case, the sun, a rise in body teperature, dust, dirt, contact with almost all foods, consumption of a great number of foods, vitamin C, anything that has a high acid content , perfumed creams and soaps, caffeinated drinks and lots more. Its mainly on my hands, the palms fingers , even under my nails! This hampers the use of my hands to a great degree, making me feel diabled. I can't make use of gloves as this also causes a flare up. My condition is not as bad as it was, but this is because I've illiminated and avoid all the things that I know aggravate it. It is the only way I know how to avoid intense suffering. So now I live in a bubble, metaphorically speaking, but is this living? There is no period when it is completely gone, it may not always be severe but there are always vesicles lurking about, the itch almost alive, annoying, taunting. And let's not forget the knock your confidence takes. I don't know if this will ever go away, or if I will ever be cured, but I certainly hope so.

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Jul 08, 2014
even under my nails!
by: Aisyah

Hey, I used to have those too!! During the early days of my dyshidrosis, I used to cut those vesicle under my nails with nail clipper. Because they're so numerous and it's so distracting to see those bubbles merge together and formed these big clump of unsightly foreign substance. It's stressful, even more so when you don't know what kind of disease it is.

The point is it bother me so much that I keep cutting my the flesh where the vesicles is (under my nails). Needless to say, it only worsen (one should not pop it, or it will only spread). My finger become so dry and the skin near my finger nails become so thin and dry from the constant flesh cutting.

And because during those time I lived in school dormitory, I used to wash my clothes by hand. So just imagine with all those open cut and laundry detergent mixed together, the skin on my hand become so dry and tight. I regret that. And I learn afterwards that cutting or poking it doesn't help.

But thankfully, nowadays I don't have dyshidrosis as much as I used to. It's very minimal that I don't even notice them even if they pop up on the sides of my finger. Except those rare occasion where it feels itchy.

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