Hand, Foot, and mouth, Impetigo, or chickenpox? Epidemic in Ontario!!!

by Lisa S.
(Windsor Ontario)

my sons feet and legs two days after his fever

my sons feet and legs two days after his fever

My son contracted a virus/bacterial infection at his school. 6-7 cases were found. Supposedly, the child was diagnosed with hand, foot, and mouth disease. My son first got a fever on a Monday. Then the sores started to show the next day. The only thing is, they were all over his body. However, he does have eczema, so that could be why. My son's sores were scabbed up and he was better by the following Monday. It was my turn. The day before he was all better, this viral/ bacterial infection came after me. Same thing. Fever (38.1, severe migraine, extreme weakness, tingles, shakes, overall crappy feeling)...then boom!!! Sores on my fingers, feet, and tonsils. It felt like I was walking with slivers in my feet, everything I swallowed felt like needles going down my throat, and I didn't dare to scratch at my fingers because I knew it would spread. I am also the same person who wrote on here about blisters on my hands and feet during pregnancy (under dishydrosis). I was five months pregnant when I got that, and I got it again when my son was five months old. Now my son is 22 months old and we both get this? Mommy and baby need a break!!! Whew!!!

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