Hands driving me crazy, they itch so much!!

by Heather
(Oban, Scotland)

these cover about 1/3 of my hand

these cover about 1/3 of my hand

these cover about 1/3 of my hand
some of these have burst and have scabs
nice new itchy bumps
yet more itch bumps

I haven't had this confirmed as being dyshidrosis, but since i was about 14 or 15 I have been getting tiny itchy blisters appearing on my hands that are so itch and appear with out warning. they are sometimes in clusters and tend to be all over my hands and between my fingers. My most recent outbreak of them has been going for some 3 months now!!

I have been to my doctors numerous times and have been given different creams including hydrocortisone cream, but it doesn't seem to clear it up, sometimes it helps with the itching. On my most recent visit to the doctors my doctor told me it was an allergic reaction most likely the gloves i was wearing at work, powdered latex gloves. But after 3 weeks of nitrile gloves i still have these tiny annoying itchy bumps and have had more breaking out the last 2 days. there doesn't seem to be any pattern to when they appear sometimes it during the day when im at work other times i can wake up and be getting ready to leave for work when my hands start to itch like crazy and drive me crazy.

Is there any quick way of getting this confirmed? it is really getting to me now

Katrina's Reply: Hi Heather. Sounds like a second opinion from a different doctor is in order. Good luck and keep us posted.

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