Itchy patches that turn into blisters!

by Charlotte
(Indianapolis, IN)

I was about 8 months pregnant when i had a spot that itched on the side of my finger. It itched so bad I was about to claw my skin off scratching the spot. After about 10 minutes of scratching it to death it turned into a blister that popped and then the itching stopped. This one spot went away, and right before I had the baby another one popped up on another finger. That one went away, and now it is a horrible outbreak that goes up the underside of my both my arms and hands. I went to the doctor who said he had no idea. He prescribed some antibiotics and steroids that did absolutely nothing. It just keeps getting progressively worse. I can't afford to keep going to the doctor with no insurance. I hate going to sleep, because it is like I wake up with 2 more than I had. I wonder if this could be Dyshidrosis? No creams that I have tried over the counter have helped, and I have tried them all.

Katrina's Reply: Hi Charlotte! Thanks for posting. I understand how bad the itch is. I have been having bouts with Dyshidrosis on and off for a few years now. They're currently on my left foot. I was able to find some relief. See this link: and of course consult with your doctor.

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