Mole Removal Skincare Treatment

People usually opt for mole removal for cosmetic reasons, or because they are a nuisance, or to prevent the skin cancer melanoma.

Moles on the skin are known as Nevus, and the plural form of the word is Nevi. They are small growths on the skin, most often slightly raised and dark. They vary in color, shape and size and they're formed when skin cells called melanocytes, which are normally evenly distributed throughout the skin, and grow in a tight group surrounded by tissue.

They can be taken off with a laser procedure, surgery, or with creams and ointments.

Mole Removal Methods

Laser procedures involve the use of a laser light beam. The beam heats cells or tissue and is absorbed by the mole's pigment which gets broken up and absorbed by the body during the healing process, and no stitches are needed.

The laser method is best on moles that are small, new, or flat. If your mole is older, large or protrudes you're probably not a good candidate for this procedure.

Skincare after a this treatment involves applying sunscreen for at least six weeks to the new sensitive skin once the scab falls off. It's also a good idea to avoid the sun altogether if possible. Check with your doctor.

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Mole Removal

If you opt for surgery, wear loose clothing over the area to be operated on to prevent rubbing after the procedure.

Depending on the type of mole, there are a few different procedures that can be performed.

The cauterization method simply burns it away.

The excision method is used for moles that might be cancerous. A medical blade is used to cut it, the surrounding skin and the underlying tissue in an oval shape. The doctor will then stitch it up.

The shaving method is usually used for ones that are protruding. The doctor will lift and remove the mole with a scalpel. This leaves the area flush with the surrounding skin. The wound is then cauterized and a topical antibiotic and bandage is applied to reduce the risk of infection.

Your doctor will provide skincare advice for the duration of the healing process. Make sure you pay attention, because infection can occur if the wound is not cared for correctly at home after the surgery.

There are many natural mole removal formulas around. The herbs will destroy the cell tissues and cauterize them naturally. This method should not be used on malignant ones. Check with your doctor.

Of all the removal methods, the natural one is the one least likely to leave a scar. Just make sure you don't pull off the scab too early. Depending on what natural method you choose, the literature that comes with the packaging will advise you on aftercare skincare procedures.

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