Not just hands...

by Albert
(NW Arkansas)

Dishidrotic Plamoplantar Eczema doesn't impact just hands...

I'm one of the unfortunate folks who has both involvement of both hands and feet. For me, it's really been a hard impact on my life... There are many things I no longer do, like hiking with the boy scouts, because I don't know when I might develop a flareup.

There are some times I wake up in the middle of night wracked in pain. I've been enduring this as a recurrent problem for over seven years.

Unfortunately, I don't have any advice for anyone else -- since I'm not having much luck myself. I've get some relief by keeping the amount of nickel low in my diet -- but that's not easy, especially when the lists of foods that are safe and to avoid vary dramatically from source to source.

I often get 3-6 months remission from a hydrocortisone injection.

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Jun 06, 2011
Low nickel, gluten free diet
by: Kelly-Chicago

I have a very severe form of this on my hands although I have been very lucky in that I have not had it on my feet yet. However I've found that a diet low in nickel and free of gluten (when I'm being good :o) ) has really helped me fact as long as I adhere to the diet..I do not have the break outs and then painful skin peeling...please google mayo low nickel diet and try to go gluten free also...keep in mind though that not all gluten free foods are low in nickel so it can be a bit tricky there...but it is so worth it. Thanks.

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