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Obagi Nu Derm
is a skincare program designed to correct age spots and other damage the sun has already done to your skin and it consists of the Prepare, Improve, Stimulate, Protect and Complement steps. Touting visible results after 12 weeks of use, this program works by penetrating into the deep skin layers, exfoliating away the dead and damaged skin cells, and leaving healthy new skin in its place.

Meant to to be used with the guidance of a skincare professional, this prescription-strength set aims to restore the healthy function of skin cells. It has been on the market for over 20 years now and many folks having skin with moderate to severe sun damage seem to love it's ability to accelerate cellular turnover. It also appears to be effective on melasma, hyperpigmentation, and reducing pores.

In the Prepare step, those with normal to oily skin can use the Foaming Gel. Those with normal to dry skin can use the Gentle Cleanser. The Toner balances the skin's pH and gets it ready for the rest of the products,

In the Improve step, Clear can be used to correct hyperpigmentation and improve and even skin tone. Next is an exfoliator to slough away dead skin cells.

In the Stimulate portion of the system, there are specialized products to even skin tone.

The all-important Moisturize step is next and there are two different ones to choose from, depending on skin type and condition.

To Protect your skin, there are products containing SPF.

There are products like eye cream and a lotion to correct minor skin irritations in the Complement section.

Results may be visible after just four weeks of use. I've heard that this regimen works well to diminish acne scars.

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