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To reduce cellulite it's important that the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the skin shrink significantly so that they no longer bulge. These fat cells have to separate and have enough space in between them so drainage can take place. The body must be in good enough shape to be able to wick away the unwanted toxins and lymphatic waste, which in turn diminishes the swelling in those areas of the body and improves the appearance of these bulging areas. It's also really helpful to achieve a better hormonal balance. This will help the body to operate at peak performance.

A healthy diet and exercise are essential. It's probably half the battle when fighting this condition. Watch your salt intake as it can cause water retention. Remember to keep the body well-hydrated and avoid smoking as well as excessive alcohol and caffeine use.

You may have already been bombarded by ads for creams and lotions that promise a cure, as well as salon treatments involving body wraps. While these methods may temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite, it's not a total solution to the problem. Even if the desired results are found with one type of treatment, that's just a good starting point and not a be-all, end-all method to reduce cellulite.

My favorite way to reduce cellulite

One excellent method to kick-start the process is an herbal-infused cloth you can apply to your thighs or buttocks. It can be worn for up to eight hours. Save money by cutting one cloth in half and use one half on each thigh or buttock.

Besides just covering up the "cottage cheese" or "orange peel" with clothing, an easy quick fix is to get a spray-on tan or apply sunless tanning lotion to your body. It will help camouflage the areas where cellulite is present.

One way I myself have attempted to combat this problem is through exercises in an old book I borrowed from my Mom. One of the exercises will always stand out in my mind. What you do is sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Then you "walk" on your buttocks. I would choo-choo my way down the hallway like a locomotive, all the while thinking what a strange exercise this is!

Massage may help reduce cellulite because a little massaging action usually helps to break down the stored fat deposits. My Mom and I used to belong to a fitness center called Venus de Milo and I'll never forget this apparatus they had which was something that had many rows of abacus-like beads on it. The beads were not all the same size though, they alternated between large and medium. Now imagine many of these rows of beads on a rotating cylinder. Almost like the big hand-cranked mesh cylinders that they pull winning lottery tickets out of. Instead of being hand-cranked, though, this cylinder was plugged into an electrical outlet and what you did was lean your hip and thigh up against it and let it spin around and massage you and hopefully smooth out those lumpy, bumpy areas on your body.

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