Skin Disorders

Skin disorders often require a little extra skincare. Common ailments such as stretch marks, rashes and sunburns can, in most cases, be treated easily. Other conditions like psoriasis, melanoma, scabies, rosacea, etc. require more advanced care.

Skin Disorder - Rash

Various Skin Disorders

When a strike to the skin develops into a purple and red blotch. Not only are bruises painful, they look awful as well.

Sometimes it pays to have thick skin, sometimes it's a nuisance. Here's help on how to avoid getting calluses.

I often suffer from Dyshidrosis myself. Its a kind of dermatitis where small, fluid-filled blisters appear on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet, or both. Mine are usually on my hands and they itch like crazy.

A hangnail is a fingernail condition where excess skin around the nail partially detaches from the nail, usually due to dryness, cuticle cutting or nail biting. A minor annoyance, they can look bad and become painful too. Check here for some remedies as well as prevention tips.

Good skincare practices for helping to prevent Melanoma - the most serious type of skin cancer.

Poison Ivy
I recently had one of the worst cases my doctor had seen in her 24 years in practice.

Skincare for Psoriasis involves a little extra attention, as simply scratching your skin can cause a patch of Psoriasis to form at the injury site. Fortunately, most people who have this skin disorder are affected only by it's mildest form.

Skincare information on this common chronic skin inflammation, characterized by redness.

I've been lucky and have not had to deal with this itchy and highly contagious skin condition known as scabies. Luckily I've only had the usual bug bites and nothing as severe as this disorder.

Scalp Itch
There are a number of contributing factors that can lead to scalp itch. Check this page for possible causes as well as ways to help solve this itchy skin disorder.

Stretch Marks
As horrible as stretch marks can look, it's nice to know they can be prevented with good skincare. Skin disorder such as these are often diminished with the use of sunless tanning lotions.

Sunburn or Sun Poisoning
Ouch! Sunburns are one of my least favorite skin issues. I actually started off this summer by getting a bad sunburn the first time I went to the beach. I had tan lines to remind me of it all summer long.

Many of us have had a wart appear somewhere on our bodies at one time or another. Other than being a nuisance, most of them are harmless and will go away on their own.

While it resembles a sunburn, windburn doesn't have the potentially deadly long-term effects.

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