Skincare for Different Skin Types

The most common of the skin types is probably dry/normal. My skin tends to be oily and although it made the teen years rough, I'm thankful now that I'm older because it won't age as quickly.

Combination Skin
In the winter, it may get really dry and in the summer it tends to be more oily. I've listed the skincare tips that I have learned for combination skin types.

Dry Winter Skin
Winter can be extremely rough on those with dry skin.

Dry Skin
Maybe even more challenging than dealing with sensitive skin is the dreaded DRY skin, often worse in the winter months when harsh weather conditions take hold.

Sensitive Skincare
Caring for sensitive skin can be tricky. You can try the tips listed here to see if they are helpful for your situation.

Oily Skin
Oily skin, while it can be annoying, has some benefits - believe it or not.

Normal Skin
Wow, if you've got the Normal skin type, you're lucky! It usually requires the least amount of maintenance.

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