Skincare for Hands

Hands begin to show age sooner than the rest of the body! Here's how to keep them looking young

Next time you’re asked to guess the age of a person, look at their hands and not their face. A person’s hands are usually a truer barometer of age than anything else. As early as your 30’s, hands will show the effects of aging and sun damage. The skin becomes thinner, drier and brown spots begin to form.

I know a lady who is a distributor for an anti-aging serum. She puts it on the back of one hand only. She then puts her hands side-by-side and shows clients the difference. Needless to say, she sells a ton of the serum.

Luckily, you can keep your hands from looking too aged by giving them much the same treatment that you would the skin on your face. Once you’re done applying sunscreen and anti-aging skincare creams onto your face, rub the excess on the backs of your hands. This will help to boost collagen, repair sun damage and diminish trouble spots.

It’s of utmost importance to moisturize your hands. The skin on your hands is typically normal to try, even if your face is oily. While moisturizing won’t remove the age from your skin, it will help to restore softness for awhile. If your hands are severely chapped, try a thick face cream or other heavy-duty moisturizer. Don’t forget to rub it into your cuticles. Also, never cut your cuticles, just push them back instead.

Sunscreen will hold off the formation of brown spots and the mottled effect and will slow down the loss of collagen. SPF30 or higher is best for hands and arms, as these areas get more sun exposure. Reapply throughout the day according to the amount of sun exposure you’ll be experiencing.

When veins on the backs of hands become more pronounced, you can always opt for vein removal, but it’s pretty expensive. If you want, you can cover the veins with a concealer to hide them somewhat. Try one that’s thick and long-wearing, like the ones used to cover disfiguring facial wounds and scars. They often require a special soap for removal, but on your hands it may come off more easily with all the regular washing that hands go through.

There are some bleaching creams that can be used on brown spots, but since the formula only reaches the skin’s upper levels and not the cells containing the pigment that produces the brown spots, you’ve got to keep using the cream – even after an improvement is noticed.

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