Skincare for Neck and Décolleté

Ring around the collar(bone)? Wrinkles on Chest? Here are tips for skincare for neck and décolleté areas.


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Don’t restrict your good skincare habits to just your face. Neglect and sun damage on the neck and upper chest area will most likely result in dryness, sensitivity, and pigmentation spots. Using soaps containing harsh chemicals will also contribute to this premature aging process causing loss of moisture. There's no fatty tissue in this area. Even those with oily skin need to moisturize this delicate area, preferably with one that contains an SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or higher.

The neck muscle, called Platysma is a broad sheet of muscle arising from the chest and shoulder muscles (see diagram below). It rises over the collarbone and slants upward along the sides of the neck. It’s prone to losing its elasticity and a double chin or “turkey gobble” may form, due to aging and the lack of sebaceous glands.

Neck Muscles

Many spas and salons will offer treatments for this area in combination with facials. Keeping this area looking good will also help boost your confidence. Some women aren’t comfortable showing off their upper chest area because of a noticeable contrast between the appearance of their faces and the discolored, wrinkled, sun-damaged condition on their chest.

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One issue that plagues the area is the appearance of deep wrinkles. The main cause of wrinkles on the chest is that most women sleep on their sides, and the breasts fall together and create lines, wrinkles and creases because of their weight. Specialty items to treat this condition are on the market. Items like a reverse bra and other related bedtime clothing items claim to help slow down the signs of aging in these areas. Or, you could just remember to sleep on your back and not your side or stomach.

The regular use of a gentle cleanser, a mild exfoliation scrub and application of a specially-forumulated cream for this area (applied in an upward motion – we’re fighting gravity, remember!) will improve the skin's natural firmness and help to preserve youthful looking skin. You might also try doing some facial exercises.

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