Incorporate a Massage skincare treatment into your Routine

The facial massage skincare treatment has been practiced for centuries. It all started with traditional Chinese medicine to achieve health and beauty and it consists of various hand manipulation techniques which relax the muscles and increase your circulation. It can help alleviate dullness (through exfoliation), sagging and even frown lines.

The action can help increase circulation below the skin, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area. It also helps the beneficial ingredients in the skincare products you're applying to penetrate the skin to the areas where they are most needed. Those over the age of 40 will want to concentrate on skin massages as that is the age when collagen begins to break down, as well as the fibers of elastin which hold the layers of muscle, fat and skin together. Many products on the market today will try to help by tricking the skin into producing more collagen and elastin.

Another benefit of this relaxing facial treatment is that it can reduce the amount of stress hormones, which means you'll likely see less acne. If you're especially acne-prone however, beware of friction that could be caused, as this can worsen acne.

Chair Massages and Body Massages are a beneficial as well. They can enhance health and keep the body and mind functioning at their best. Say goodbye to muscle tightness, tension and headaches. A skincare treatment/massage corrects poor circulation and lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, improves immune system function and encourages a feeling of calmness and well-being.


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Many different types of body massages are offered, such as Swedish, Hot Stone (using smooth heated lava stones - a great stress relief), Deep Tissue (stimulates nerve endings and circulatory system), Pregnancy (which is usually combined with) Aromatherapy, where essential oils are used, and finally, Reflexology. Each of the body's internal organs has a corresponding reflex point in the feet, this treatment covers all the points and is my personal recommendation.

When you go for a session, get to your appointment a little early. This gives you some time to change and unwind. Be sure to tell the therapist about any sensitivities or injuries. Let him or her know if the pressure is either too soft or too light. They're not mind-readers, you know. On the way home, drink plain water to flush out any acidity that may have been released from your muscles. If you don't, you might wake up with some soreness the next day.

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