Skincare Facial

Skincare Facials are pretty essential. You can have them done at a spa, or you can do it yourself. They consist of a few basic steps, which will differ slightly depending on if you go to a salon or spa, or do it yourself at home.

The first one is cleansing. Proper cleansing of the skin is important! Use the correct cleanser for your skin type and take into account any skin conditions you have, like acne, rosacea or dry skin. There are skincare products that are tailored to these needs, all it takes is a little research.

(If you're having your facial done at a salon or spa, they're probably massaging your face right about now. Aaaaaahhhhhhh.)

The next step in the process (any my favorite one!) is exfoliation - getting rid of all those old, dead skin cells that are keeping your face from looking bright and radiant. This can be done through the use of a mask which is applied to the face and allowed to dry, then peeled or washed off with warm water. Another type of exfoliator is a scrub containing tiny granules to gently buff away the dead skin cells. Be sure to keep your exfoliation skincare products away from the delicate eye area. Leave a wide circle around your eyes when you're applying the mask or scrub.

Toners are often used at this point, to restore the ph balance to the surface of your skin. Sometimes the toner is already built in to whatever exfoliation process is being used, it just depends.

Moisturizing is the last step in the process. It's so great to find a moisturizer that is lightweight and not greasy. That makes the skincare facial all the more enjoyable. Smooth some of the moisturizer on your throat area as well, and when you're done, apply whatever is left to the backs of your hands to keep them young-looking.

If you're thinking you don't have time for a skincare facial on a daily basis, think again. It's easy to fit this in to your routine. Keep your cleanser in the shower and wash your face while you are showering. Many cleansers now have some type of exfoliator and a toner built in, so that knocks out three of the steps right there! Once you get out of the shower, simply apply your moisturizer - preferably one with sunscreen built in. See how easy that is? Now all you need to do is apply makeup and you're ready to go.

You may be hearing about the so-called Vampire Facial in the news. This is where a vial of a patient's blood is drawn and spun around in a centrifuge to separate red blood cells from plasma. This is then smeared into tiny holes poked into the patient's skin, because apparently the platelets found in the plasma contain substances called "growth factors" which supposedly activate and rejuvenate cells. The costly (about $2,000 USD) procedure is thought to help in reducing pore size, minimizing fine lines and rejuvenating the skin. The jury is still out on how effective the yearly treatment is, however.

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