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I have had a waxing treatment done on my eyebrows once and that was a good experience. My eyebrows turned out really well, which was a good thing because we were headed to a concert that night. It would have been horrible to arrive at the show with oozing eyebrows.

This hair removal treatment involves preparation of the area, then spreading a thin layer of warmed wax in the direction of the hair growth, on the hairs to be removed. Next, the wax is covered with a thin piece of cloth or paper which is pressed onto the area then very quickly pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth - kind of like when you were a kid and were told it's less painful to remove a bandage from a wound if it's removed quickly. Once the screaming dies down (hahaha!), the procedure is repeated on other hairy areas.

Another method involves a hard wax applied directly to the skin. It hardens when it cools, forming it’s own strip which is then pulled off. This method is very beneficial to people who have sensitive skin. Just about any area of the body can be waxed, from eyebrows and face to arms, legs, the bikini area, tops of feet, arms, and back.


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You may notice irritated red skin for the first day after treatment. This is most likely to occur on areas like your upper lip, the bikini line, eyebrows and back.

In addition to hair removal, the waxing exfoliates dead skin cells, so your skin will be ultra-smooth. It’s an added skincare bonus!

It’s also a little less painful every time you go for a session. No more annoying shaving bumps, either. You won't find any stubble and coarse hairs like if you had shaved the area a couple days prior. Before you go back, though, let the hair grow out a little longer so it’s at about a quarter of an inch. That way, there's better chance for a cleaner, precision pull or strip, so the hair will be pulled directly from the root, as opposed to just the hair on the skin. Also, try exfoliating the day before your next session so that you don’t have any issues with ingrown hairs.

Some people prefer it to shaving because it pulls the hair out from the root, and you'll enjoy smooth skin for up to six weeks. The hair will take longer to grow back in and it will come in finer when it does grow back. One thing you might be concerned about is that after repeated treatments on areas like the eyebrows and lower legs, hair will tend not to come back. Sometimes, it won't grow back at all – ever - because of damaged follicles.

As far as skincare tips for freshly waxed skin, the salon personnel will advise you on what to do. One important thing to remember is to use sunscreen because all the hair along with the dead skin cells that used to help protect your skin from sun damage have been smoothed away, and you need to protect your skin from the sun.

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