What's Your Favorite Spa Skin Care Treatment?

Which spa skin care treatment do you prefer? Are you mad for massages? Passionate about pedicures? Fanatic about facials?

Here's a list of spa skin care treatment options:

Back Facial - This treatment follows the same techniques used for the face.  Application for the skin on the back includes exfoliation, massage and mask to soften and refine the skin with a thorough exfoliation, followed by a custom blended mask to purify and nourish the tissue.

Chemical Peels are good for all different kinds of problems like acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, scarring, aging and more. After some chemical peels, your skin will flake or peel over the next few days. With others you will experience no peeling or flaking. Most of these treatments are best when done in a series as it takes deeper treatments to break the skin's cycle and eliminate the problem.

Did you know there's a National Spa Week? It takes place every year in mid-April.

Eye Treatment - minimizes wrinkles, dark circles, bags and crow's feet.  Active ingredients hydrate, tighten, smooth and de-congest the delicate eye area.

  • Facials
    acne - destroy it with light therapy! This facial is for those who have mild to severe acne conditions. After steam and careful extraction, a soothing medicated mask is applied to the skin, which is then treated with a healing laser light for ten minutes.

    anti-aging - deeply relaxing facial treatment that not only corrects the structural causes of aging, but also relaxes any expression lines caused by repetitive contraction of the facial muscles.  Wrinkles are filled, lines are diminished, firmness and density of the skin is increased, resulting in a more youthful appearance. 

    hydrating - dehydrated skin cracks, flakes and allows the formation of fine lines.  In order to retain its radiance, softness and tone, the water balance of the skin must be maintained and protected against the drying effects of elements such as wind, sun, cold and hard water. 

    oily skin - this facial utilizes a complex of highly concentrated, specifically targeted ingredients designed to absorb excess oil, and dissolve and eliminates impurities. 

    oxygen - this facial accelerates the development of new skin cells, improves the supply of oxygen to skin cells, and provides conditions to enhance collagen formation.

    sensitive skin - designed for sensitive and delicate skin, this soothing treatment calms the most reactive complexions.  It helps reduce irritations, alleviates redness and comforts vulnerable skin.  It evens the skin tone, restores suppleness and leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth.

    Lip Scrub - Sugar exfoliating scrub followed with a hydrating balm






    Here's a previous blog entry about an unorthodox spa skin care treatment.Skincare by Snail
    Wow, from fish that feast on feet (see Fish Pedicure) to bird poop facials, and now skincare with snails! A Chilean firm is hawking Arenscaracol, a line of skincare products featuring snail slime. Not just any snail slime, mind you. Their website states it is "100% pure and natural snail slime extract."

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