Sunless Tan Lotion Tips

Sick of sunburns and lying on tanning beds to get a healthy, natural glow? Try a Sunless Tan! Lotion is applied and within a few hours, you'll notice a darker color than when you started out.

Here's how to get the best results:

1. Shower and exfoliate with a buffing cream, sugar scrub, bath puff or loofah all over, concentrating on your drier areas (elbows, heels, knees). After your shower, apply moisturizer to drier areas.

2. Put on lightweight disposable gloves and apply sunless tan lotion full strength or use equal parts of it with body lotion OR sunscreen.

3. Go back over drier areas with an old towel to absorb excess tanner.

4. Try applying the sunless tan lotion to tops of feet with a cosmetic wedge. This will allow you to control the application better.

5. If you didn’t wear gloves in Step 2, wash your palms thoroughly so they don't discolor.

6. Wear old/loose clothing around the house for 1/2 hour before dressing.

Face Application: (if you don't have a sunless tan lotion made especially for faces)

1. Start with clean dry face, no makeup or oil.

2. Put petroleum jelly on eyebrows and along hairline.

3. Protect your hands with lightweight disposable gloves so they don't discolor. Use dime-sized amount of sunless tanner and massage in a circular motion, avoiding eyelids, apply lightly around lips and chin. Spread up to hairline and behind ears.

4. Adjust your makeup accordingly.

To maintain your tan: Reapply every 3-5 days! After showering, make sure you pat your skin dry - don’t rub! Apply a moisturizer daily!

· If joints are too dark, use a scrub or exfoliator.

· Streaks? Tone them down with a cotton ball soaked in astringent, nail polish remover, or a slice of lemon.

· Miss a spot? Apply sunless tanner to the spot, wait for it to dry, apply another light layer over it and the surrounding area to blend.

· Orange/discolored palms? Use a sugar scrub or wash your hair. Shampoo can fade the color on your hands.

· Not dark enough? Reapply the next day for a darker tan.

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