The Fight's on...

Hello all,

I have this terrible disease for 23 years now and after extensive research, i found this....

1: This is a disease that will always be with you, it is dormant and it is hereditary, but you can control it.

2: The trigger for this crap is Stress, bar none!!!

3: The control for this crap is comes from within. Meaning the Immunesystem. I have started taking Vitamin C daily and added a Centrum Pill daily for good measure. A V8 from Time to Time is not a bad idea.

4: If you are in a Chronik frustrating state right now, start with the Vitamins and ask your Dermatologist for a treatment of Kennalog, to stop any Itching so your skin can begin to heal. The Kennalog works.

Keep in mind that it takes 3 months for the skin to return to it's original state. I have applied these Steps on my own, and for the first time i have figured out how to keep this disease in check. Do whatever it takes to stay Stressfree and keep your feet and hands where they can breathe. Try to laugh about it, because it is not your fault:)))

Hope this helps someone, take care.........b

Katrina's Reply: Thanks for the post. It's a bummer that you've had to deal with this for so long, but it looks like you've found a plan that works for you. I'd have to disagree on the Kenalog, because it's just made to treat the symptoms and doesn't cure anything. Plus, it has a lot of side effects.

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