Unbearable water bumps!!!

by Wong

Ive had this condition for about a month now. It is very hard to use my hands now to do anything. And lucky me i work with a lot of paper work and the texture of the papers and documents i handle are almost unbearable. I can not stop popping this water bumps and scatchy that my hands look absolutely discusting! It makes me feel dirty and like people are thinking i dont take care of myself or something. Very uncomfortable feeling when someone asks me whats wrong with my hands. I also have a terrible rash on my legs and especially my upper thighs. I think its all from stress but this has definitely been the worst month of my life. Who would have known little water bumps on the hands could ruin someones life during the duration of them.

Katrina's Reply: Wow, the stress of the itchy bumps is causing you more stress. Managing stress can be beneficial to this condition, so do what you can to relax and de-stress.

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