yes, it really sucks

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I've got small, tiny blisters in clusters on the back of my hand, palms and in between my fingers. It's terribly itchy!! I thought it might have been a wound infection but after seeing the doctor, he suspects it might be eczema. I never knew I had eczema and that I was allergic to anything at all! I've taken antibiotics and used fobancort cream on my hands but somehow, I still don't see results and it seems to still be spreading. :[ maybe I have to wait a bit more and see if the medicines work.

It really sucks cause I've got to hand up a major school project in a week but the itching and blisters are preventing me from doing my work! D: really itchy and uncomfortable. I think it might be due to my stress and my sweaty palms? I just hope it would go away really soon and never ever come back.

Katrina's Reply: Sorry to hear about your condition. Stress probably does have something to do with it. Thinking back, I was on that "Master Cleanse" Lemonade diet when I was battling my own case of Dishydrosis. After I went off the cleanse, the blisters went away.

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